Hello =)

Hey folks it's been a while since I did a blog so I apologize for my neglecting behavior towards my blogs.. sorry =( anyways, Things are looking awesome and we're making new strives every week and gettiing my music in the right hands finally! FYI I am now under my own management company and things seem very good rightnow..Although all our prior gigs before leaving our management had been shot down we're getting where we need to be.. But I'm very excited to tell y'all that we're gonna be everywhere real soon.. We're talking with multiple mainland and foreign promoters just getting the music out. The one favor I do ask of you is please hit up your local radio station and request the music.. If they don't haver it let us know by reaching myself at rj@rjkaneaomusic.com or anyone else at admin@rjkaneaomusic.com.. Also I'm dying to share a discovery I made a few weeks ago that has completely turned my guitar playting around.. I discovered a brand called MICHAEL KELLY GUITARS! It's a mazing compant that makes amazing guitars.. I recently purchased a limited version of their PATRIOT model and I love it.. I can't put the darn thing down and I surely can't stop talking about how good it is.. If you're musician,a guitar buff or just a collector you need to check these out.. The price is so low for this type of quality workmanship.. You can checkout their line by clicking on the MICHAEL KELLY GUITARS link at the top of the page..Hope all is well folks..Aloha-RJ 

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