Memories and legacies


Missing my grandma and grandpa today.. In college I use to love running away from Hilo and just chilling with them both.. They never ever had had discouraging words but just stuff to build on and were so supportive of what ever endeavors I chose to take on.. I remember as a child Grandpa always working, whether in his garage at home,downstairs or at work at the plantation.. Always whistling and calling my sisters and grandma sweetheart :).. I miss him so much.. And my grandma 'oh my gosh' such a amazing lady.. Grew up in Napo'opo'o all her life,moved to Hilo then Honomu when she met my grandpa.. She raised three sons the eldest being my father.. Her heart was made of pure love and her devotion to her family,husband and god was something that inspires. I miss her calling me on the phone and talking and talking and after that talking some Her little sayings were cute, if I had a new gf she'd call her "the winnah" (the winner) lol.. And her and grandpa first gave me the phrases 'fo da birds' and 'down da road'.. Haha.. Her heart was so pure that I remember when myself and my uncle Peter Lerma got a hold of a BB gun and commenced to kill rice birds off the front porch she picked it up, scolded us and planned the bird in the planter in hope that it would heal. We walked to church every Sunday in Honomu and grandma was sure to put choke (a lot). Of VO-5 in mines and uncles And we had to sit nicely in church and don't look behind cause "you're gonne get it"! Haha.. But uncle would always try to make me do something.. Lmao.. Then after church if we were lucky or if grandpa was in a good mood we'd head to Hilo and get kentucky fried chicken, icee from kaoko'o mall and of course I'd nag my butt of until I got a pack of army man toys to go with the rest of gazillians I already had.. Haha I drove them nuts.. But all these memories really left me with so much character and a sense of Ohana that growing up island style was and is all about.. From the malasadas back home at tex drive-inn to the pumpkin pies at ishigos in Honomu, pork Terri at K's drive-inn and the Manju from that place by Hakalau.. Growing up in Hawaii was awesome and something I'd never trade anything for.. My only wish is that my son can have some of these types of memories when he grows up.. I try to plant the seeds like others have done for me.. Especially through music I know I have something to leave him, something that when I'm gone he can show his children and let the legacy continue.. Sometimes we get caught up in this world and something's that were so defined seems so dull and out of focus.. Sadly enough this world has come to be a more singled situation where the question "what can you do for me?" is more likely to be heard then "what can I do for you?".. Tragedies surround us and after 9/11 any tragic story in the news or around the world seems so minuscule.. Although sad and heart wrenching we have grown accustomed to heartache and I find that to be so sad.. If I could I'd heal the world,but I am but one.. It takes everyone to make things change and happen.. I believe positivness will go a long way.. A smile and a kind gesture can save a life and so can a collective effort.. If we could look pass flaws and imperfection I know we can all get a long.. Anyways, just food for thought.. Think about it.. Aloha :) - RJ

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