Update June 2 2012

In these last few months my eyes has opened to the world and the endless possibilities for all of us to achieve.. We should never put a cap on out abilities or our passion and dreams.. If you can dream it you most likely be it.. But you just can't wait around for it to happen, you gotta reach out.. You gotta take that first step.. If you fail, get up and try again.. Be true to you dreams and remember nothing is for free..there's always a price to be paid! Whether you're paying your dues on stage or busting your chops everyday for hours practicing.. It's all in the same cause u are improving and moving that much further towards your dreams and goals.. Rome wasn't built in a day and so wasn't Quincy Jones! Lol.. That's my way of saying "have patience", know that nothing goes un-notice for too long.. The ones that cheat,expect to be put on a mantal or remain stagnant for to long but argues or ponders why everyone is passing them by is the ones that's gonna hate on you. And probably has to big of a ego to realize their problem may very well be themselves.. Change is evident in everything we do in every part of our lives.. Don't ever let anyone tell u that u can't do something, especially if they have no authority or sense of the subject and no wise knowledge to give u.. I wake every morning and watch live music and lay to sleep with music.. I live,sleep and breath music.. It's been a part of my life since the day I was born and will be with me till the day that I die.. I am thankful for every road I have gone down in my journey, I've been through a lot. I've seen the political side and the side that comes straight from the heart.. I myself have never gotten serious play on the radio in Oahu ever, even after a decade of recording.. Proven hits on other islands somehow slip through in Oahu and my presence has been miniscual at most. But this doesn't stop me from going after my goals and dreams. If you're not in the industry u probably wouldn't understand this struggle.. But most radio on outer islands follow what Oahu plays and figures it all out from there.. So if u aren't getting it there chances are you'll have a tough time on the main outer island stations.. But thank you for all you outer island that have shown me a lot of love through the years, I have been blessed with some great airplay through the state with the acception of Oahu. Although I wish this changes I cannot ponder on this.. I gotta keep moving as I am.. I wanna make a difference for ppl and I wanna make ppl understand that Hardwork every single day only gets u that much closer to where u wanna be. I've sat back all these years while still releasing albums and doing my fulltime gig as a fulltime musician just to raise my son as a single dad with only my parents,sisters and his aunty to help me here and there. I let 8 years pass not really making a move.. So now that he has turned 11 and growing up to be a young man I think it's time. Hence the influx of all these things going on.. But still there's hater,disbeliever and cling ons who now wants the world from me all of a sudden. I am no where near where I wanna be but this ride is amazing and I'm so honored,humbled and struck by it all.. It's more work then anyone could imagine and a huge shirt to fill but I'll give it my best.. Thanks so much to all you (fans,friends,family,endorsements and even u disbelievers and haters) y'all got a place in my heart.. God bless you all. Do ur thing! :) RJ — at Kona

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