Alone as always

I wish I had a penny for every time I've felt unwanted, undervalued, underrated and left-out! I guess it's just part of being different.. Sadly we live in a time and in world where majority of the people we run into, have a friendship/relationship with and ironically the same people that will wish you well will be your nemesis and will much rather see and be amused or entertained by your failure then your success and progress. In the music business once your reach a certain level you have to choose! Choose to leave some doors open or have them closed knowing full well and in sound mind that your closest friends may very well become your worst enemies. You have to start to looking at everything as faced value and really look at things for what it is and play that devil's advocate. You wonder constantly who's where in your life and who actually is there because they truly love you and have sincere loyalty or are they there to use what you've done and where you are for their own progress. It's sad to have to come to those conclusions but having so much on the line for family and friends, it's something inevitable and comes as you progress up that ladder. Being in a smaller industry versus the an international (main stream) market it was a lot easier to be seen and heard but as I try and make my climb into the bigger pond I find myself alone. Alone to try and figure out what I'm doing. I've been fortunate on many aspects but proving myself is what I look forward on doing but also hoping I'm met with open minds and open and unbiased hearts and let the music do the rest. It's indeed scary but I've worked so very hard in my craft to make this move. If you give me an open ear along with an open heart I will try my best to make you a believer. But for now I'll stand alone recording this album that'll hopefully speak for itself. 

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