It's been said that u can never put a measure in a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes.And I guess it's true. I am not one to judge or say offensive things maliciously to gain a personal goal or to help myself take a step forward towards my goals. So I won't be the one to come out attacking without knowing true intentions for certain actions. But I've been always taught that for every act...ion there's a reaction and circumstances that need to be dealt with in it's proper order. I just had a wonderful talk with two wonderful Hawaiians who forgave me for things I might have rendered unknowingly and without checking with the source and I as a Man and as a Hawaiian but more so a Polynesian with respect for everything and everyone humbly apologize. I am glad we got a chance to make things pono and move on "Together"! With that all said I'd like to make a statement that holds true for everyone in every walk of life, any country, any religion on any continent on this earth.. "Respect is a two way street folks, you gotta give it to get it! In life, relationships, business and friendship nothing will work without respect. And respect will only grow with honesty and humbleness. Treat others as you want to be treated". Rome wasn't built in a day so I do t expect hearts,minds and souls to recover as quickly but everyday can be used as a building block towards bigger and better,more productive energy! With that all said I'll close with this "you fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice shame on me" but now life has taught me a lesson in knowing never to be fooled again! Let freedom reign over the masses of souls in it cause it's all about LOVE! Have a good day

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