Last nights amazing blessings

As a artist,role-model and a dad I am always blessed whenever I am able to give something to someone that will help them along their journey or quest. Tonight I had the honor to share the stage with some pint size superstars in the making. I was blessed with having the great enjoyment of listening to some little kids sing their hearts out on-stage as part of the entertainment at tonight's communit...y Christmas Program/Ho'olaulea/Party.. They were amazing and it warmed my heart to see them doing their thing. It took me back to when I was one of those kids so eager,anxious and in love with what they do. At the end of our segment of the show as I got ready to leave I was asked to take a picture with a very beautiful and talented little girl. Her name is Sheyecie and she is 6 yrs. old. I remembered her performance from earlier in the night and I told her how wonderful she did and asked her age. As she told me I told her I was around her age when I started. It was such a humble and pure moment that I will always remember because her beautiful smile as i told her this. A few hours passed and I'm sitting at home putting my own little one to bed I get a FB notice of a comment on my status. It was from Sheycie's mother. She said thank you for the picture and for sharing those words with her daughter. Sheyecie Told her Mom that she will be famous cause she's starting to sing at about the same age I did. And at the end of her post she writes "Thank you for blessing our little girl".. My heart dropped! =) A few tears dropped from my eye's cause this is a beautiful moment many artist strive for. To inspire someone even total strangers is such a blessing to myself I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful but still humbling it feels. Indeed all the kids that perform tonight were amazing and I wanna encourage all of them to keep it up and to humbly ask all their parents to support them in whatever way possible. It means the world to them, I don't know where I would've been today if I didn't have the support from my parents. Till this day they are the rocks that my sisters and myself cling to. But as I sit here and share this with you I cannot express how much love is flowing through me right now. Like I've stated before "I'm in love with love in it's every form".. I truly believe giving is much better then receiving and life is so much more gratifying when you can share something with someone that will help them through and hopefully help catapult them to endless levels. I am so amazed by what a few wise but sincere words can do for anyone. I wanna thank "Positive Motion" for backing me up tonight. In many ways I feel so proud of you all for what you have all accomplished. I felt like a proud older brother up there with you all and to know I had a big part in helping you all get to this level is a amazing feeling. It's been months since the last time we gigged together. Let's not wait so long for the next one. I cannot wait to get started on the new album. Indeed I love you all "higher then the clouds and never come down"! =) Remember kids "stay focused,positive and live with God in your hearts". Other then that folks if you have time, go checkout my new "Official" website Visit my on-line store,blogs, link and all my sponsor's links on there.. Happy Holidays Everyone- RJ Lanui Kaneao

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