Story Behind My Song “LISTEN” off of “Genres of Soul” 

So I thought I’d explain some of the background or stories behind some of my songs on “Genres of Soul.”

I was gonna start of at the very first track (song) on the album but thought “nah, I’m gonna start it where the album started.”

This song “Listen” was the very first song that I recorded/tracked that actually made it to this album. It has a really dark origin but one that speaks volumes. I wrote this song in February of 2015 after returning a week earlier from the winter NAMM show in Anaheim/LA. I had…

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Alone as always 

I wish I had a penny for every time I've felt unwanted, undervalued, underrated and left-out! I guess it's just part of being different.. Sadly we live in a time and in world where majority of the people we run into, have a friendship/relationship with and ironically the same people that will wish you well will be your nemesis and will much rather see and be amused or entertained by your failure then your success and progress. In the music business once your reach a certain level you have to choose! Choose…

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Crowd Funding Campaign for New Album Post Production 

Aloha Folks, As I've mentioned on posts before via twitter and FB I'll most likely be doing a crowd funding campaign to start to post production process of my new album. I know it's quite long but I think you find it a informative read if you don't understand the post album producing/production series of events that needs to happen prior to release. So Please read the following as it'll explain first why I'm doing a crowd funding campaign and secondly the processes and why it's so crucial. Mahalo for your…

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Here's my little rundown on a new pick I just tried out.. Quite simply "I love um"! Very comfortable,fats,articulate and the tone is very bit as magical.. Brother Vinni Smith aka Mr.V-Pick has put together a line of picks that are so sweet and not just are they for shredders but they're also stuff for acoustic players, Bass players and so on.. My personal favorite is called the "Chicken Picker"! If you're a Dunlop Jazz lll pick user like I am you will love this pick.. Fast and articulate is an…

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Blog oct 2012 


Crazy how people may be so hungry to be glorified and take the credit for something they haven't done..But rather then sitting around and pondering what comes next it's better to pick up my feet and roll with punches. I find it more beneficial physically,mentally & spiritually to make my own way in this world with the sense and knowledge of knowing that I've  given it all I could. And although someone else gets credited or tries to take the credit the truth lays with in your own knowledge. Life and this… Read more


New video produced by.Layne Luna

New single , Hawaii calls To Me

Update June 2 2012 

In these last few months my eyes has opened to the world and the endless possibilities for all of us to achieve.. We should never put a cap on out abilities or our passion and dreams.. If you can dream it you most likely be it.. But you just can't wait around for it to happen, you gotta reach out.. You gotta take that first step.. If you fail, get up and try again.. Be true to you dreams and remember nothing is for free..there's always a price to be paid! Whether you're paying your dues on stage or busting…

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Memories and legacies 


Missing my grandma and grandpa today.. In college I use to love running away from Hilo and just chilling with them both.. They never ever had had discouraging words but just stuff to build on and were so supportive of what ever endeavors I chose to take on.. I remember as a child Grandpa always working, whether in his garage at home,downstairs or at work at the plantation.. Always whistling and calling my sisters and grandma sweetheart :).. I miss him so much.. And my grandma 'oh my gosh' such a amazing…

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website merging 

Hey folks..Its me! sorry Havent been in here much but just wanted to let you all know that and are now ONE site.. So stay tuned for some awesome stuff.. Aloha RJ

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