Crowd Funding Campaign for New Album Post Production

Aloha Folks, As I've mentioned on posts before via twitter and FB I'll most likely be doing a crowd funding campaign to start to post production process of my new album. I know it's quite long but I think you find it a informative read if you don't understand the post album producing/production series of events that needs to happen prior to release. So Please read the following as it'll explain first why I'm doing a crowd funding campaign and secondly the processes and why it's so crucial. Mahalo for your time! So instead of handing a full album over to the record label "unmastered and without graphic, artwork, liners etc," I've decided to do all of it before hand. This leaves the record company (label) to take the album and rollout a release day and strategy a lot faster and have have less to recoupe on their end before any monies will start to be flowing outward to the artist (myself) and other entities with invested interest if any. This will also leave the label to have more I would think on their end of the deal to promote monetarily. The process after recording and mixing down an album for those who don't know usually includes the post production activities with the first and foremost is
"Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement." I usually don't do my own mastering for my own music because I'm too invested as an artist to do so and not be too objective or not objective enough. By this point I've spent uncountable hours, days,month and quite possibly year(s) with these song(s) so to be unbiased would be impossible. For me this would probably be the most costly part aside from printing out the albums if I was not with a record label that handled all of that along with it's distribution etc.
After all the audio stuff is out of the way the other elements kick in. For me I'll usually keep a running tab on who has done what and what just so I can give the credit where credit is do. I've never released a "cover song," which is someone else's song in my own rendition so I don't really know that process but this may be the best time to try and get that legally taken care of as well as have the correct credits put down for all of that as well. That is very important and if you don't do that along with a "mechanical license," (signed documentation by both owner of the original works and newly performing artist etc) or a "sync license," If it also included visual video representation of the same production such as a music video for the covered song!
Then comes other elements as Graphic Designing "Visual Presentation of the Album" such as artwork and pictures etc. I usually don't do this because I want another eye on the project as in the same outlook of how I treat my MixDowned Album(S) or Song(s). In the past I've had my indie record labels that I was signed to do all that but my last album I had a friends wife who does amazing work do it.
After all that work is done then and only then is the album in my opinion is pretty much ready to be handed over and left to run it's courses of and with record label. I myself as a recording artist with four albums all professionally released and published in the island reggae genre has always work with a record label that I was signed to that also worked with the biggest music and print distribution companies of island Music besides the mega huge Mountain Apple. The only album I didn't do that route and that went fully indie with only a publishers help was my last full album "Best of Me" release in 2011/2012.. But we're set to go on another route back to label(s) again but like I've mentioned I'm gonna try and cut out the extra costs that the record label would usually partake in funding thus leaving me a lot more time paying them back then being in the positives. I guess you could say keeping their overhead cost little to almost none. Lmk if y'all think this is a good idea.. And if you read this far down then thank you so much for reading this novel, I hope that you found it very beneficial and informative. Aloha RJ

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