It's Christmas eve and it's that time when Families are getting together and having their Christmas dinners and some wait for morning and others wait for midnight to open all their gifts.. For myself, all I wanna be doing is just holding my son. And that's what I plan to do. The one constant in my life no matter how many heartbreaks, let downs and misfortunes my life encounters I remain strong and... humble because of him. He depends on myself to be his Rock and his Provider. I've seen more disappointment then one heart can normally handle but I brush it off and cling to my son just as he clings to me. Sometimes it takes so much bad things to happen to you to realize the good things that's always been there. And for myself I've reached that spot a couple of years back. And I promised myself never ever to let that happen again. Thus I have found new inspiration,faith,love and zen in my family,close friends and of course my child. In finding this new outlook I've also found that I wanna reach out, I wanna share my experiences and my pet peeves etc.. And that's why I'm always here sharing with you. I forgive the one's who have trespassed against me, the one's who dragged me through the dirt countless times and just mistaken my aloha as a weakness. I try and give as much and hope to the one's that I feel need it most and try to inspire through what I say. Sometimes I feel like I'm vehicle to transport a message to people who may need it most. Although I do come with baggage or sin's of my own to barter, I realize what I may have done in the past is far out measured by many. I've been blamed, ridiculed and made out to be less then kind. And for those measures I can truly and honestly say I have none done anything to hurt or maliciously encounter anyone. This status/blog comes in the awakening once again of my true purpose or goal I feel I need to convey. So I ask humbly, to those of few who have time and space in your hearts.. Reach out to the one's that you may no of that has no one this holiday season, especially tonight and tomorrow. Maybe some of you have family that you may have family or friends that you need to make a mends with. There's no better time then the present to do so. And chances are is that they feel the same way. Why not be the one to extend the olive branch or sorts. Always remember JOHN 8:7 “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at HER/HIM.” All I'm asking is to show some compassion and love this Christmas and in exchange I will do the same. I will leave you with these words off the top of my head for it's how I truly feel at this moment. " I love you all, I will never ever try to be more then I can be".. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and let us not forget why this is the true season "FOR GIVING". Cause as you put those two words together you get "FORGIVING"! Jesus forgave and so should we. I extend my love over seas,mountains,continents and the universe. There is no man on this earth that will not have some kinda faith. Please have a safe and wonderful Christmas everyone and please remember what I've asked humbly and do so if you are able to. Mele Kalikimaka =)
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