shine on.. I LOVE YOU

MORNING EVERYONE.. I woke up extra early this morning.. I tossed and turned all night thinking about ppl in my life but to be more specific about someone who indeed has had struggles just like we all to from time to time.. It got me thinking about where we are on this earth, as a whole and individually.. As a whole we have come farther with innovation in these last 2 to 3 years then we ever taught... possible. I say this cause I see things not that are amazing to me.. Computers,phones,televisions and all the way down to what we drive and how we drive has been altered so drastically that everything is so technology based.. And don't get me wrong it is wonderful in many ways even for myself as a recording studio owner/operator it has made my job a lot faster,economically friendlier and of course user friendly.. But I wonder if it's gotten to easy sometimes that we tend to forget the core or origins of how or why we do things.. And what made us as a whole stronger.. As individuals we struggle and sometimes life itself can be our most biggest struggle.. I've had friends and family and ones dear to my heart lose their fight or personal turmoils with life and I miss them everyday.. Word can never explain what the pain most have been like inside that led to whatever happen in each given situation.. I myself have been down some dark and very cold lonely roads searching for answers to whatever I sought.. But when I finally realized who we are as individuals are only as deep as we can dive into our souls and take recognition of what we need to change to get out of that darkened path that seem to burden us.. Hence the phrase "digging deep"! We all are accountable for our own actions and reactions to situations that may be placed infront of us or on us at any given moment.. It's our destiny to be where we are at any given time and where we move to from there "only god knows".. He has already written our books and has thrown in little or sometimes even monumental tasks or lessons infront of us to learn from and decipher as best we can the true lesson.. It takes time for us to realize or even learn to comprehend at that exact moment what is being given to us as a lesson in life and we won't always get in right away..But have you ever found yourself thinking later "oh ok, so that's why this and this happened"? Am I making sense to you.. I realize that not everyone will take what I write and agree and some will even hate on this thinking "why does he write so much".. But my mana'o or insight to all this is, If I can help or inspire just one person to get through the day,week,month,year or even life I will try my best to do so.. Taking a small minimal part of my morning out to write what I feel is so minor compared to the effect this may have if I can reach out to even one person.. And with social media I can even reach someone's thoughts halfway around the world as well as my own backyard.. =) If you get a chance today and with weather permitting, go inside and stand for a moment.. Get under the sun and feel it's rays on you! I think of it as God's arms wrapping around you and embracing you.. Feel the warmth and feel the confidence that everything that worries you and everything that keeps you down will soon melt away even if it's for just that bried second.. Just take note and light in knowing that what you are feeling is positive.. Close your eyes and raise your face to the sun and feel it on your face and know this is LIFE and it's worth exploring and living to the fullest no matter what our circumstances may be! If you don't have the sun out in your area find a quiet spot,close your eyes and meditate your mind and use inner most joy light up your soul..Take a deep breath then smile.. =) I hope this all helps at least some of you get through.. It has helped me just to write this for you.. It's my little therapy and getaway from this world to do so.. Remember folks, SHINE ON! I Love You All..- RJ Lanui Kaneao

PS.. If you have time, please checkout the song I am about to link to..It's called SHINE ON.. It helps me! =) Not so much the verses but the chorus makes me feel a whole lot better all the time.. Have a amazing day folks..Aloha

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