long days-beautiful ppl-what a life!

Aloha folks..Just trying to keep y'all up to date here! =) man oh man, it's so close to winter break for my son that I'm excited! No more waking up at the crack of dawn for a couple weeks to perform my daddy duties (breakfast,getn his clothes together etc)..=) No complaining cause I'd rather have him here then not! IDK how I'd be without him. He is my life line and my soul inspiration.. But my days are most defiantly long.. So if you look at my navigation var you'll see that I added my sponsors and special friends links in there. Please feel free to visit these people and companies.. These special few are most dearest to my heart and if you know me or support me these are people you need to know! They are who I am.. Big ups to RVCA,VANDAL INDUSTRIES & BJPENN.COM, You can now visit their on-line stores right from my page. Also, much love and a extra special on-line hug =) to the beautiful Danielle Zirkelbach! Her website link is now up on my nav bar so please visit her site. Look at her amazing art and visit her store and purchase! Suppost a local artist that is surely amazing! Amazing enough that I use her art as inspiration when sitting in my studio creating... Other then that! ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DOLLAR! LET'S DO THIS..Just listening to my ritualistic John Mayer that get's my head right.. Then taking on my day..Love you all!-RJ


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