serenity! Children of today are leaders of tomorrow

Serenity it's such a peaceful word! Calm and Tranquil is amazing qualities of this word.. I woke up kinda late this morning and sat on my bed for a bit, walked around then sat again and watched my son sleep.. He seem so peaceful and comfortable that I chose not to even wake him.. As I sat there I thought about when I was his age and the things I use to be in to, things I use to do and things I use... to think about and I was taken back by thinking how the world has changed. Indeed now they have so much more to think about on a local and global scale. Although they are far more advanced with technology and the web will most defiantly give them any source of info they may need for any given subject.. There is something that was lost or skipped between generations.. I know my parents and their parents before them probably thought the same about us but now we are living literally in a world where our minds are broadened and we are totally more perceptive and receiving of what once was unthinkable or even taboo in some situations! I sat back and thought "wow, how interesting it must be to be a child nowadays".. I see a lot of me more and more in my son everyday but the angles are kinda different.. I've been told ever since he was a toddler up until now by his teachers, that his thought process is very unique and it's a rare to find his qualities in kids his age who will process things the way he does.. But I don't know whether to chalk that up to him always being around adults, having a lot of technology available to him at home or just him being a chip off the old block! lol.. But whatever it is, he makes me proud.. And in this world where they were raised with the afghan conflict and the iraq situation almost as "children of a war era", I am happy to know that they can seek the truth much more comfortably and at ease as we could never. It goes without saying that we still need to shield them from whatever we might find to be harmful. But broadening their minds can only make them and the world a more peaceful place.. Knowledge is Power! A closed mind will resort to sorting out a problem with only a closed fist! The more we all know the better off Ourselves and the World will be and become! We need to believe in our children "teach them well" and let them become our leaders of tomorrow.. Serenity will be found by what our children will teach us in return.. Just my point of view of it all, Much Alofaz Everyone- RJ Lanui Kaneao

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