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I'd argue or debate the decisions some ppl make in their lives.. But I myself ain't perfect, so who am I to judge? I can go on for days on end about how we should be living and thinking but if I don't practice what I preach then all I've said don't mean anything but hot air! I'd much rather lead through example then trying to beat it into someones head about the power of a positive attitude, being... respectful and loving God. But if they are not willing to hear what anyone say's then you start to question if it's worth the heartbreak to stick around and watch to see someone breakdown. But it's absolutely amazing what the power of a physical presence can do for someone more then words.. A hug or embrace can speak volumes more then preaching to a lost soul. Holding of a hand and a firm but sincere look in the eyes and very heartfelt "I love you & that's why I tell you this" is much better then ranting on about the does and don't does.. I have friends and family that I wish I had the sense & ability in this aspect back then to help them.. But now they're gone and I can only pray that I don't have to go through that again. This Holiday Season has heightened my sense of well-being.. For a couple years already I've been on this road of trying to be positive and taking the righteous road & so far it has blessed me in so many ways.. Just to believe is half of the struggle I had to learn..But I find so much comfort in knowing that for every negative thing that has come in I have flipped it to a positive or learned bundles from it.. My only wish for this Christmas is that for everyone to be safe and love each other.. For broken families to get back together and for the lost to find the faith and light.. Life is too short and living it is too beautiful to be missed because of misfortunes in our lives..

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